Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pimping Out Something I Have Absolutely No Ties To (AKA I Don't Really Understand Pimping)

I realize that I talk about a lot of different subject matter here and it's probably hard to know what to expect from a new post.  But I guess this place is kind of like my Mary Poppins bag.  Some things I post are silly, some are serious.  Some things are obnoxious and some are tragic.  

But at the very heart of this space is my desire to maybe, possibly, somehow, someday say something that someone will relate with - something that will make someone feel something or think something that maybe they hadn't before.  None of us wants to believe that we are alone on this planet and I know that there are things that I might be willing to say here that maybe someone else will understand or enjoy.

I love to pass hope and happiness on whenever I find them.  

I believe we need to pass on positivity whenever we find it because we are inundated with negativity - from our peers, from TV, from the news, from strangers on the street - from the thoughts inside our heads.

Which leads me to - 

You guys have gotta start visiting Upworthy.

It's meaningful things minus all of the pomp, circumstance and Sara Machlachlan songs that plague most things that claim to be meaningful.  This is real, honest, good stuff from people who understand wit and sarcasm and understand that sometimes life isn't pretty but because of that you have to pass on all of the goodness you can find.

Check it: HERE.

I've been following them on Facebook for a few weeks and I've already seen some things that have inspired me or caused me to look at life in a new way.

What's inspiring you today?

Much love,
Annie Jay


  1. I think you just gave me a new internet addiction... As far as what's inspiring me today, the songs "True To Myself" by Ziggy Marley and "Black Rock" by O.A.R. (one of the live versions) have been my inspirational touchstones for the past few weeks. It's an epic struggle for me to remain positive; whenever I feel myself slipping off the edge I throw on one of those songs and I feel myself rising again.

    1. Anytime I can provide you with new internet addictions is a good time in my book.

      I will have to give those songs a try. I typically chill to some Brett Dennan when I want to invoke some positivity and peace into my day. And I feel you, every day can be a battle. But we can do it :-)

  2. I love non-cheesy inspiration! My go-to site is usually Postsecret.com and I'm adding Upworth to the list.

    1. Awesome! I'll definitely have to check out Postsecret.com.