Friday, January 18, 2013

H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!

Whew!  The last two weeks have been insanely busy for me.  I’ll talk about that and other important things later (like maybe two years weeks from now) but for now, I want to talk about fun things.

I’m going to a hockey game tonight! 

I remember going to hockey games as a kid and the highlight for me was trading Starburst with the other little girls so that I’d end up with all the red ones.  These things are were important.

I vaguely remember going to a hockey game several years ago with a couple of my guy friends.  We only went because I had won free tickets from… something… let’s just agree that those years are all a bit of a blur for me.  Before we went to the game we smoked copious amounts of…um… cigarettes.  Halfway through the first round (Period? Quarter? Trimester?) I was aching for some nachos and a nap.  We ended up leaving after the first thingie and going to smoke cigarettes and stare at the sky instead.

So I’m calling tonight my first ever hockey game!

We’re going to celebrate The Bear’s and Mr. Tightpants’s birthdays.  We’ll be hitting up a nearby restaurant before the game for delicious pitchers of Long Islands. 

As I might have made clear in the past, I’m not much of a sports person.  Ok, seriously, other than professionally cycling (which I only understand because my papa was in races every weekend when I was a youngin’) I know pretty much nothing about sports.

When Francesca and I lived together she hosted a Super Bowl party at our house and I was just like “Oh, sweet! Someone brought wings!” So the hockey game itself isn’t really drawing me there, mostly I’m just going for the drinking company.  My plan is to get a good buzz on before the first buzzer (GET IT?!?) and then continue on long into the night. 

Just in case I feel boredom creeping up on me I’m going to bring activities in my purse, like you do for toddlers when you’re taking them on airplanes.  Except I’m 27 and going to a loud hockey stadium thingie.  But still, activities are probably going to be necessary.

Hopefully I get to catch a fly-ball!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Annie Jay

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  1. Ok, so it's first period and it's played in an area or on a rink.