Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just Call Me Miss Wishy-Washy

My date last night was great.

He showed up at our meeting place 45 minutes early, which of course took me out of my pre-date zen routine (eating a light dinner, primping, telling myself I’m awesome, etc.) and into “AHHH I’ve gotta go mode”.  So that was a little annoying.  But I shrugged it off.  He probably didn’t know how long it would take him and I decided I wasn’t going to rush myself just because he was early. 

So I got there promptly at our agreed upon time.  He was already sitting in the booth I had planned on us sitting at, which was a nice surprise (it’s farthest away from the door and would be less cold than any other seat).  He was also a little better looking than his pictures had been online, which was also a nice reversal from the way these things usually go.

And he’d ordered me my beer of choice so it was nice that he had been paying attention to our conversations - I’d actually forgotten telling him until I saw what he was drinking and I remembered teasing him about his favorite beer. 

The conversation flowed pretty smoothly and we laughed a lot.  He bought all of my drinks and put money in the jukebox and we took turns picking songs.  It was very pleasant.  He was polite and gentlemanly, but not in that annoying too-nice kind of way.  We had a nice kiss at the end of the date and an agreement to see each other again.

But today… well… I’m not sure if I have enough faith in romance to give a (barely) long-distance relationship a try.  Hell, I couldn't even decide if I should post about this today!

I guess we’ll see!

Annie Jay


  1. Morning! I'm glad the date went well! Even if you are a little on the skeptical side, I'm sure it was nice to just have a good night out with someone whose company you enjoyed as a romantic possibility. :)

    1. You're right. And I decided to go for it again. Especially since he's willing to come to my town again. We'll see what happens next week after our next date - maybe I'll feel butterflies or something and decide to give it a shot for real.

  2. Yay, I'm glad the date was fun! I agree with Bluemoon, it feels refreshing to have a nice night out with good guy, even if you're on the fence.