Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Can't Handle the Antici -

One year ago I was in Cabo:

Ignore the bra strap and questionable hairstyle.
Look how pretty it is there!
I'm jealous too.  No really, I am.

Other people from my company are there this week.  It's nice because all of the bosses are away and I get a chance to catch up on my ever-growing workload.

It sucks because I really really wants to be back in this pool:

This here is the pool alongside which many
Miami Vices were enjoyed 
In other news, I have yet to hear back about whether or not I'm getting that new apartment.  I'm going quite crazy with all of the waiting.  Today marks the 2-week deadline she gave me, so hopefully I'll hear for sure today.  They already have my name programmed into the call-box, wouldn't you think she'd just be like "Background checks be dammed! Annie Jay, come on down!!" 

Unless they saw this blog, in which case, you know, I really am a fine upstanding citizen who will treat your loft with love and kindness and is patiently waiting for your response.  Take your time.  No really, I can't fucking wait any longer I'm going insane!!!! can wait.


So I'm passing my time and easing my frustration by planning how I want to redecorate my apartment.  Whether I move or not, I'm going to be making some changes. 

Right now all of my furniture is mismatched hand-me-downs and I'm ready for my apartment to look more cohesive.  So I'm going to try my had at furniture refurbishing.  I have some bookshelves and tables that I plan to paint black and a chair I want to reupholster in this fabric:

If the chair reupholstering works, I'm going to go all out and reupholster my couch in a navy blue velvet fabric - because, well, this is my couch:

No, no, the swordy-thingie and dancing gopher lighter
aren't always there.  This is the only picture I had
of the couch fabric that didn't have people on it.
In the past few days I've been scouring the internet for information on how to reupholster furniture and let me just say - thank the gods for YouTube.  I found this awesome channel that really goes in depth on how to do it.  

So I'm pretty much a master upholsterer now.

As I mentioned in my blog a couple of weeks ago, Natalia is also eagerly awaiting the decision on my apartment because she and the Penguin (who I'm suddenly not sure if I've ever mentioned before and feel the need to say the Penguin is her boyfriend, not an actual, you know, penguin.  Also not to be confused with Batman's nemesis) want to move into the Barpartment.  She also has a ton of furniture she wants to refurbish so we're going to work together.  Wish us luck!

Ok, so in the course of writing this blog I emailed the lady at my new apartment and she told me I should have an answer by the end of the day tomorrow.  EEEEEE!

Hope you're all having a fantastic week!

Annie Jay


  1. Yay for redecorating. I did a little bit a while ago. My stuff wasn't mismatched but some was really cheap Ikea stuff that was all I could afford when I moved out. Add in some new throw pillows, towels, a rug, some art for the walls and it's just enough of a change to spruce things up. Have fun!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm so looking forward to it! I love to decorate and it'll be nice to have a cohesive set :-)

  2. Love the new fabric you picked out. It will be equally pleasing as a backdrop for your weaponry.

    1. Hahaha hopefully I'll get the new apartment and I won't feel the need to sleep with a sword next to my bed anymore!