Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Moving is Hard Work

Speaking of reupholstering furniture… Remember this post?

This is what my love looked like just a couple of weeks ago:

You're lookin' a little droopy there, gumdrop.

Well look at my baby now!

Damn girl, you are lookin fiiiiine!

Isn’t she lovely?  I did that on Saturday.  Now I just need to pay someone to make myself a double-welt cord to cover all of the trim and pay someone to sew a new cover for the bottom cushion and it’ll be all done!  My goal is to have the double-welt applied before the actual move on March 23rd, but let’s be honest, that’s so not going to happen.

Why isn’t that going to happen?  Because in addition to packing up my entire collection of furniture, clothing and random items so that I can have everything moved out by March 23rd (so I can clean the Barpartment and prepare for Natalia and the Penguin to move into in on March 30th) I also have a ton of other things going on in the next 10 days!

This Saturday is my bestie, Foxxi’s, Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party.  I’m very much looking forward to this!  We’re renting a (hopefully) fancy house in the beautiful Galena Territories and planning to drink our faces off, enjoy the hot tub and have altogether ridiculous girly times.  However, between making a cake, preparing all of the food (with assistance from Francesca and Prudence) and setting up for the event, my Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday will be taken up with non-moving related tasks. (and I have no idea what punctuation should be used to make that sentence grammatically correct so please stop judging me)

Then, next Thursday is Best Fest!  This annual fundraiser for the local hospice is not to be missed.  I’ve had my ticket for two months.  We go in and for three hours you get to sample the best food, drinks and products of the tri-state area – as much as you want.  From 5:30-8:30 next Thursday I will also be drinking my face off.  So again, not doing anything related to moving.  Friday morning/early afternoon will be spent recovering but then it’ll be down to business Friday night.

So, with all of this going on, I am going to have a total of 5 full night to pack everything.

HOLY SHIT.  *ahem* Ok, so that’s the first time I’ve really let that soak in. Deep breaths…deep breaths…

Monday night I started packing.  I filled one gigantic box full of books and realized it was too heavy for even Lou Ferrigno to carry down the flight of stairs out of the Barpartment so I gave up on packing for the night.  Because I’m responsible.

Last night, however, was much more successful! 

Yesterday morning I signed my new lease and got my key!  I can’t start moving things in until March 23 (and I can’t cheat because they have surveillance cameras everywhere – stupid secure building!) because my lease isn’t officially valid until April 1 and if I wanted to move in as of March 15 I could have for an additional half-month’s rent, which I just simply couldn’t afford.  But she told me I was free to go look around the place and take measurements, which is exactly what I did last night!  Natalia, Francesca and Han all went with me to get a glimpse at my new digs. 

And you know the good thing?  I still love it!  *Whew* That’s a relief.

So after the new apartment tour last night I sat down and got to work.  I got all of my books packed into reasonably sized boxes.  I also packed my shoes (minus a few pairs for the next week), DVDs, video games and all of my breakable décor.  Tonight I’m hoping to finish packing everything in my spare room, dining room, living room and bathroom (again, minus what I’ll need for the next 10 days).  That way I can get to work on my kitchen and bedroom over the next week, which are both bound to take a long time.

I’m trying to stay all Zen and not let the stress of moving get to me too much… but who am I kidding?  I thrive on stress!  If my head explodes and I never write here again, please remember how brilliant I think you all are and that my favorite flowers (for the funeral, duh) are calla lilies.  And I like pandas, please bury me with a panda.

Annie Jay


  1. shut up! That's not the same chair!!! OMG I love that fabric; you did a fantastic job. New side-job? Just my two cents and I'm sure you've already figured this out but I've had to move a lot and the worst part (IMO) is packing up the kitchen stuff. Make sure you leave plenty of time for that. You'll do great! I wouldn't be able to pack too far in advance anyway because I need to be able to still use my stuff. Can't wait to see pics of the new place.

    Glad you're getting to the doc, too!

    1. Haha that is the same chair, I promise! And thank you, I'm quite pleased with the outcome :-) Can't wait for it to be 100% done!

      And yeah, packing the kitchen is something I'm LOATHING. But I can't start packing it until Sunday or Monday because I need to use everything in it to prep for the party on Saturday. Luckily I kept a lot of the boxes for my kitchen stuff so it won't be too much of a hassle :-)

  2. Several Reactions
    * You got this.
    * Holy Sh*t, if you can do that to a chair in one day, finishing packing and moving in 5 nights should be a snap.
    * Everyone I know is named Jennifer or Jessica or Heather or some other 90210 name. But your friends are named Prudence and Francesca and Foxxii? I'm coming to hang out with you.
    * Stuffed Panda. Let's be clear on this one.

    1. Well, ok, I took off the fabric, painted it and applied batting over the course of last week. The orange fabric I applied on Saturday - In about five hours! I was freakin exhausted though LOL. That was how exciting my weekend was.

      LOL those are the names your friends get when you let them name themselves. Well, ok, Prudence didn't name herself. She refused to name herself so I gave her the most ironic name I could find :-p If you knew her, you'd know she's the least prudent person in the world.

      No no, real panda. Dead by natural causes of course.

    2. How big are pandas? That's going to be one big casket. And now I must have my friends make up new names.

  3. That chair is friggin' amazing!

    Moving is inevitably stressful, but it's also cathartic. It's a great time to throw away

  4. Cool looking fabric on that chair of yours. I feel your pain- moving sucks!