Friday, August 31, 2012

Mosquitoes, Assless Chaps and Beer - Must be Labor Day!

I’m about to go off the grid.

And maybe die.

Not because I’m going off the grid (though it might feel like that’s why), just because this weekend is bound to be so much ridiculousness I might. actually. die.

I’m going camping at a huuuuuge party in a field.  This might sound weird until you remember that I live in Iowa, and we’ve got LOTS of fields in Iowa and it’s really quite common for there to be huge parties in fields in Iowa.

And Skid Row is going to be playing.  Once again: in a field – in Iowa.

Now, I’m not a fan of 80’s hair bands, but I’m going to listen to them and rock-out anyway.  Why? Because:
A.)   I’ll be drinking. Duh.
B.)   Francesca loves 80’s Hair Bands and she isn’t going to be able to attend.  So I’m going to listen so I can pour one out for my homie while I listen to I Remember You.  And I will sing along.  But only because I know The Ataris version, because there was a time in my life when I really loved pop-punk.
C.)   I’ll be drinking.  Again, duh.

One of my best friends, Chris, invited me to go along and I was all “Hmm… maybe I’ll sit at home and watch Pretty Little Liars instead.”  Then he told me I wouldn’t have to pay for anything (!) and that I would be going with him and two of our other amazing friends.  Then I realized this was an opportunity to experience a party like I’ve never seen before – and to hang out with bikers.

And I don’t mean spandex-and-yellow-jersey-wearing bikers, I mean assless-chaps-and-bandana-and-harley-t-shirt-wearing BIKERS.  I’ve never even been on a motorcycle, let alone hung out with these kinds of bikers before. (Thanks to my dad’s love of bicycling I’ve hung out quite a bit with the other kind.)

I’m actually going to be drinking for 4 days straight… with bikers.

This is why I’m pretty sure I’m going to die. 

Sure, I’m trying to convince myself that I’ll do productive things, like write and read a couple of the books I’ve started – I have those things packed in my bag – but let’s be honest here: you don’t go to a party in a field where Skid Row is going to be playing without being drunk the whole time.

So think of me as you do respectable things this weekend, I certainly won’t be doing anything respectable. 

I hope you all have a fabulous Labor Day Weekend as well!

Love yous,
Annie Jay

PS: I’ll tweet pictures of myself looking drunk and disgusting if I get a signal.  <3


  1. LOL have fun with that. Try not to die, k?
    When we camp here it usually involvs mountains, lakes, forests and black flies that will eat you alive. But then again, it is Canada. Tell the bikers that assless chaps and mosquitoes make for awkward itching ;)
    Have fun!!

    1. I had a ton of fun - and I didn't die. I totally kicked this weekend's ass... or it kicked mine ;-) I'll write about it later today haha.

      And I promise you, the camping experience you're describing is definitely my ideal camping experience - this weekend was...a new experience... to say the least!

      And I love Canada - can't wait to get back there!!

  2. aaahhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm.The Grow Up Plan?hhhhmmmmmmm.

    1. What's the point in growing up if you can't have fun in the process? ;-)