Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An Apartment Tour and a Startling (to me) Announcement

I’ve been increasingly hermity lately.  But unlike the past when times like this came from a pretty negative place (depression, social anxiety, general hate-the-worldiness) I’m thinking this time it’s more for positive reasons. 

1 – I really love my apartment.  It’s beautiful and makes me feel grown-up and I can do whatever the fuck I want there.  And I don’t have to wear pants.  Or shirts.  Or anything.  And it’s pretty darn awesome. All of the entertainment I want is readily available to me.  I have my books, my writing, my paints, my Netflix, my apt’s gym, my keyboard… and on and on.

And oh - hey, I never took you on a tour of my apartment.  Please see the below pictures. I took these a few months ago on my crappy cellphone that takes crappy pictures and that I can rarely hold steady.  My bedroom and bathroom are still rather boring looking so they're not pictured here.

Someday the keyboard will get a proper chair.

Backless bookshelf born out of "Oh shit, the bookshelf got
broken in the move!" and my brother's ingenuity.

The fun things on the windowsills get rearranged every time the windows
are opened. They look nothing like this anymore.

The scary wood thingie on the wall that Mom and Dad keep suggesting I
cover up.  Dad suggests an American Flag.  Jokingly... I hope.

Couch courtesy of Grandma and Granpa's old house.

Sadly, those stools still don't have cushions on them.

Clearly, this place is not lit for photography.
So yes, that's my little hodge-podge home :-)  Now, back to the post - 

2 – I feel like the things I do at home are better for my personal growth than the things I do outside of my home.  I go out, I have some laughs, I have copious amounts of alcohol, I make questionable choices and I… that’s about it.  But if I stay in, I have some laughs, I learn some things, I edge closer to being the person I want to be.

3 – I’m using my money more effectively.  AKA – I’m paying my bills and buying decent food instead of putting off my bills, feeling like I’m drowning in debt and eating takeout all the time.  I’m living more frugally and it feels freaking fantastic.

Now, I’m not saying I never leave my house except to go to work.  But Sunday-Thursday, you’re most likely to catch me at home than anywhere else.  Friday and Saturday I do try to get out of the house to socialize with my friends, but I’m also trying to make these events more likely to be events where I’ll meet someone new instead of just visiting the same old dive-bars we went to when we were 21. 

Because, really, I’m tired of the same old same old, and if that’s the alternative I’d much rather stay at home where I feel like I’m doing things that cause me to grow, than sitting around having the same conversations in the same tired places. 

Maybe I’m just becoming an old fuddy-duddy?  


In other, sort of unrelated, news, I’m still writing my story. 

It’s weird.  This is the first time I’ve put this much thought into anything I’ve ever written.  I’m planning the storyline, creating the world (because it’s very Sci-fi/Fantasy), and trying to create believable but highly differentiated characters.

And so here’s the part where I decide I’m going to stop saying “I’m writing my story” and just finally admit (to myself as much as anything) that -

I’m writing a book.

Well great jumping jackalopes, that’s a little scary to look at.

But the fact of the matter is, the storyline that’s developed in my head is so incredibly massive it seems unfair to continue to just refer to it as “my story” as if it’s some kind of trifle.  Ever since I was 10 years old and began writing for fun, I’ve been writing “my stories”.

But this thing, it has taken on a life of its own and to call it anything less than a book feels like I’m insulting its integrity.  So it is, with great fear, anxiety, pretense and many vomity feelings, that I’m going to start saying –

I’m writing a book.

*Whew* Well, now that that’s out there in the universe…

I’m not going to share much of the plot because it still feels a little silly.  When you’re a rational adult, trying to explain a story about space travel and magical abilities is very blush-and-giggle-inducing.  So far I’ve only talked to my family and Han about the actual plotline and the physics of the world I’m creating.  Han’s gotten a chance to read the first ten pages and has helped me over a couple of the hurdles I was initially facing.

But here are a couple of questions you can all help me with:
  • Do you prefer to know a character’s back-story all at once at the beginning or in little pieces throughout?
  • What are some tired plot devices or character types that you never want to see in another book?

I’d love some input :-)

Much love,
Annie Jay


  1. I love the exposed brick walls. Love it! That hole in the wall looks like at some point it could have been a fire place? I'd totally cover that shit up. You know what would work, a funky tapestry or something.

    Yay for the book!

    1. The problem is that I'm not allowed to attach anything to the brick, so my only option for covering it would be to hang something from the ceiling. A friend of mine gave me an idea I might try. I really don't even mind it, just other people seem to LOL.

      And the building used to be a window/door making factory, so I'm not sure what it was, but I was also thinking some kind of fire pit of doom or a chute of some sort.

    2. You could totally use one of those ceiling hooks that people use to hang plants.

  2. Thanks for sharing the book story line me, Peachy! I say do not reveal the entire back story at once. Operate on an "as need to know" basis.

    1. you're welcome! Thanks for helping me think about different plot devices!

  3. LOVE your home! I wouldn't want to leave either!

    I like finding out things about a character as I go - helps keep me engaged and becomes a book that you have to read over again to pick up on all the little things you missed.

    1. Thanks! It was really gratifying when one of my coworkers came over a couple of months ago and said "Wow, this place is cool! It's so you". It's a hodge-podge, but it's MY hodge-podge ;-)

      Good point! I love a book that has re-read value!

  4. 1) you can get brick hanger thingies for pictures and stuff (so you don't have to actually drill into the bricks)...I think Home Depot type places have 'em.
    2) That weird wood thingy looks like doors...do they lead somewhre cool? An alternate universe? Fairyland? Space??? Possibilities! As long as no one from the other side can open them...and, I could be wrong about seeing hinges.
    3) your house is SO MUCH CLEANER than mine...I'm mildly jealous and somewhat in awe.
    4) Definitely sprinkle additional character background in throughout the story: it makes the character become more well rounded (and can show growth), which makes s/he more human.
    5) YAY you're writing a book! And holy crap, you're writing a book! You rock, woman.

    1. Numbering because you did ;-p
      1) I'm actually not even supposed to let things *lean* against the bricks. It's a restoration and the bricks are original and yada yada EVERYTHING IS ACID TO OLD BRICKS APPARENTLY
      2)You are correct, madam! It is doors. Unfortunately they're bolted shut with super heavy duty bolty thingies so apparently my landlord doesn't want me going to Narnia. Bastards.
      3) I only took the pictures on a day RIGHT after I had gotten done tidying ;-p If I showed you what it looks like today... hoooo baby!
      4) Thanks! I think that's definitely what i'll do!
      5) Thanks! AND Oh my god am I really doing this??