Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What the World Needs Now

In case you didn’t know…

Today is Valentine’s Day!!

(I’ll let you get your groans out…)

I know. I know.  It’s a materialistic, capitalistic, sham of a holiday.  But you know what? 

I love it.

Not for the materialistic, sham-tastical, oh-my-heart-is-a-flutter-with-my-insane-bordering-on-creepy-love-for-this-boy reasons.  Hell, in my entire life I’ve celebrated only 3 Valentine’s Days with a boyfriend (the same boyfriend).  Of those, only one of them was romantic (the first one), one was boring (the third one), and the other was tragic (more on that next week). 

All of my boyfriend-less V-Days have been spent in the company of my good friends or my family.  So really, for me, Valentine’s Day has always been about celebrating the non-romantic but incredibly important love I have in my life.  Of course, I try to make it a point to tell the people I love that I love them often, not just on a particular day of the year.  But there’s something about celebrating non-romantic love on Valentine’s Day that just makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.

Love isn’t about presents – even of the shiny, sweet, sticky, or sweaty varieties – it’s about presence.  Spend time in the company of others and let them know how much that time means to you.  Studies show that people who love people live happier, healthier, longer lives. 

So whether you think Valentine’s Day is a sham or a lame excuse for people to spend ridiculous amounts of money on their significant others, make some time today for the people you love.  Hug them.  Kiss them. Spank them – whatever trips your trigger. 

Hugs, kisses and spankings to you all! Xoxoxo
~Annie Jay

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